Supplementary voters register to include 830 missing names - EC

Supplementary voters register to include 830 missing names - EC

The Electoral Commission (EC) says the total number of persons whose names are not on the main voters register but would be able to vote on December 7, 2020 are 830.

Their names and details have been provided on the missing names list and would be made available at the various polling stations where they registered to enable them to vote.

The list includes persons whose registrations were challenged but later overturned by the court, those who were placed in wrong polling stations and persons whose names were not captured in the final voters register.

The number cuts across 38,623 Polling Stations across Ghana.

Addressing a press conference in Accra on Monday, November 30, the Chairperson of the EC, Mrs Jean Mensa explained that some gaps were identified after the registration process.

She explained that in order to correct the anomaly, the Commission undertook a thorough review and analysis of the Register and took steps to reconcile the number of persons who actually registered with the number of persons reflected in the Voters Register.

“We relied on the end of day reports generated by the Biometric Voter Registration Kits and compared the actual number of registrants on the end of day reports to the provisional voters register. At the end of the day, it was revealed that 542 persons had registered but were not captured on the Register,” she explained further.

She added that the affected persons would be allowed to vote on Election Day through manual verification.

“The commission will send their details on the missing names list and their Form One As and Form One Cs to the polling stations where they registered and they will be granted the opportunity to vote,” she said.

Mrs Mensa further explained that 55 persons who had their names on the Multiples List and had their objections overturned would be have their names captured on the Missing Names List.

“It is important to note that following the data freeze, the Commission received some court decisions reversing the decisions of the DRRO i.e. Magistrate. In total (55) persons on the Multiples List had their objections overturned.

“What it means is that the Commission is enjoined to grant them an opportunity to vote. However, since the Data had been frozen at the time, we received the court decision, they could not be included in the data base. We are adding them to the missing names list to enable them vote,” she explained.

According to the EC Chairperson, an additional 233 persons who were placed in wrong Polling Stations have also been added to the Missing Names List at the Polling Stations where they originally registered.

“They will be provided the opportunity to vote and will be verified manually using the Manual Verification Forms,” she said.

Mrs Mensa also noted that the list had been published on the Commission’s website. 

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