The flagbearer of the Progressive People's party(PPP),Ms Brigitte Dzogbenuku says the party will pass the Affirmative Action Bill into law in its first 100 days in office. 

The Affirmative Action Bill seeks an equal representation and participation of both men and women in governance, public positions of power, and all decision-making spaces of the country and also requires all sectors to reserve a percentage of their employment for women.

The flagbearer said PPP, when voted to power in December polls will pass the bill in 2021 to empower females to rise the ladder of leadership in local governance and improve their businesses to contribute effectively to the economy.

She said the party would support local industries, use government purchasing power to create jobs out of local and indigenous skills, and remain accountable to the people. 

Speaking to party faithfuls during her campaign tour of Tamale North, Ms Dzogbenuku said women played a vital role in the upbringing of children and required much support from the government to do  better.

She said some hands on skills such as basket weaving, oil palm production amongst other indigenuos productions done mainly by women would be given the needed support to meet international standards.

The PPP flagbearer said the party amongst other initiatives to curb corruption would empower citizens to vote for their Municipal and District Chief Executives and ensure that the full percentage of the Assemblies Common Fund was paid to facilitate development.

"Five percent of revenue is expected to be given to the Assemblies but in the past, only 1.9 % or 2.5% has been given to them, the PPP will make sure all is given to ensure development at that level."

She describes the party as an inclusive party and urged the people to votee for the PPP come December 7 for development and employment of the youth. 

Alhaji Kwame Mutala,Northern Regional Chairman of the party, urged the audience to eschew violence and vote number 10 on the ballot sheet, Ms Dzogbenuku as President.

He said the National Democratic Congress(NDC) and the New Patriotic Party(NPP) had both failed Ghanaians and that PPP was the best option for the people.

The team in its five days tour visited Tamale North, Salaga North, Bimbilla,Upper East, Navrongo Central,Bongo, Upper West, Wa Central.

The team spent two days in the Northern and Savannah regions.

source: www.gna.org.gh